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Concrete Apprenticeship Program

Sun Valley is proud to offer the only accredited concrete apprenticeship program in the state of Arizona. There are two apprenticeship programs that Sun Valley Offers. 

Cement Mason – 288 hours of in classroom learning + 4000 hours on the job training and takes approximately two years to complete.

Concrete Finisher – 432 hours of in classroom learning + 6000 hours on the job training and takes approximately three years to complete.

Both Programs include a Full-time instructor & part-time apprentice coordinator with dedicated classroom in the office with all learning materials needed.

The programs are fully accredited by the state of Arizona through the Department of Labor and Fully accredited nationally through NCCER.


AZ Masonry Apprenticeship

Masonry apprenticeship is for individuals who pride themselves in their artistic abilities, have strong work ethic and who wish to earn a pay check while developing their skills to become a journeyman mason. The Arizona Masonry Council (AMC) Central and Southern AZ Masonry Apprenticeship Programs are registered with the US  Department of Labor, Office of Apprenticeship and the Arizona Department of Economic Security, Office of Apprenticeship.

The AMC’s Masonry 
Apprenticeship Program is a three year “earn-while-you-learn” program that combines on-the-job learning, classroom instruction and hands-on skill development.  


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