This is a logo featuring the words "sun valley" in bold letters at the top, with "stone systems," "masonry," and "concrete" written below. the graphic depicts a stylized.


Residential Division

Sun Valley’s decades of experience along with expert masons, and the use of the latest masonry technology helps us ensure the highest quality work on any residential project. We have the ability to work on any type of elevation from flat lots to the most challenging of grade changes on hillside lots. We have extensive experience with all types of CMU, whether it be structural or exposed, and have many projects that utilize slump block.

Our standing relationship with the top General Contractors and Architects in the valley have included not only CMU, but brick and stone veneer, custom masonry fireplaces, barbeques, firepits, and all things masonry.

Our preconstruction processes ensure that even the most logistically challenging projects are completed at the highest level and are value engineered to suit any budget, large or small.










Division Leaders



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